AREM ECO² Fixture

25 cm
37.5 cm
50 cm
62.5 cm
75 cm
87.5 cm
100 cm
112.5 cm
125 cm
137.5 cm
150 cm

    Power source198 to 264V AC 50/60Hz (Class I constant current internal power supply)
    Power4 ± 1W
    Power Factor> 0.95
    LED Current120 mA
    LED Voltage29.5 ± 3 V DC
    Useful Lifetime60.000 hours (L70 - 85ºC @ 65%H) *
    Beam AngleClear: 105 ± 5º **
    Field AngleClear: 130 ± 5º ***
    Nr. of LEDs20 - SMD
    Weight0.75 Kg
    Working Temp.-20 to 40 ºC
    Tc55ºC (maximum case temperature)
    Lumen maintenanceLM80 (Report available: LM-80 9000hrs)
    CertificateCE / RoHs
    IsolationClass I
    Dimensions (mm)A:288 B:258 C:104 D:72 E:70

    *Luminosity depreciation based on L70.
    **Beam angle: 50% of maximum lum.
    ***Field angle: 10% of maximum lum.


    ReferenceDescriptionLum. flux (Lm)*Eff. (Lm/W)Color Temp. (K)**ColorCRI >Lens typeLDT
    35025032131LLED AREM 250 WW303 HE Eco² Clear4181043045 ±84Warm80Clear
    35025034131LLED AREM 250 NW403 HE Eco² Clear4371093986 ±144Neutral80Clear
    35025036131LLED AREM 250 CW573 HE Eco² Clear4371095668 ±207Cool80Clear
    35025032132LLED AREM 250 WW303 HE Eco² Frost311783045 ±84Warm80Frost
    35025034132LLED AREM 250 NW403 HE Eco² Frost325813986 ±144Neutral80Frost
    35025036132LLED AREM 250 CW573 HE Eco² Frost325815668 ±207Cool80Frost

    * Luminous flux ± 7.5%
    * Other color temperatures available uppon request

    DatasheetEEI Label

    Update 2020-02-10 Datasheet v1.29 Specifications subject to change without notice.




XXYYZZ - The last six digits are additional options.
XX - Fixture body finishing.

Natural Aluminum

White Aluminum

Black Aluminum