LED Lights: The Evolution of LED to Everyday Lighting

LED bulbs have revolutionized the world of lighting. Discover the evolution of this technology that continues to transform everyday lighting.


What is UGR and GR?

One of the factors that most contributes to good lighting is glare, which can be expressed by the UGR and GR indices.


Luminotechnical study

The luminotechnical study combines technical knowledge and specific tools to design adequate and efficient lighting systems.


Lighting products for retail

The complexity of lighting in the retail sector requires careful selection of materials in order to guarantee their quality, durability and sustainability.


Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting aims to improve or be better through the regulation of core temperature and lighting level, in indoor environments, in order to simulate the course of natural light.


Advantages of using LED technology

LED technology represents a significant advance in modern lighting, offering a unique combination of energy efficiency, durability and performance.


Choosing the right lighting

Choosing the right lighting is a major challenge, as it involves several concepts that must be considered simultaneously.


Five ways to use LED bars in your home

LED Bars are a versatile and efficient lighting solution that can be used for a variety of purposes in your home.


Standards on luminaires - Insulation classes and IP rating

Learn about the impact of insulation classes and IP protection ratings on the safety and performance of luminaires.


Food product lighting

When lighting products, the suitability and harmony of the lights are essential to emphasise their characteristics without compromising their qualities.


The Impact of Lighting on Sales

Lighting helps to create an atmosphere that influences customers' purchasing decisions and, when used strategically, can significantly increase a business's sales.


Workspace lighting

The quality of lighting in the workplace plays a fundamental role in the well-being of workers.


Kitchen lighting

The variety of tasks carried out in a kitchen make this room one of the most frequented in our house and, in many cases, the place where the family socialises.


Fundamental concepts about lighting

To choose good lighting it is necessary to understand some basic concepts, which allow us to adapt the solution to the space itself.