At Nexled we develop new lighting concepts. We create LED lighting equipments and change traditional lighting deviced to LED technology.

Our lighting laboratory has high-tech equipment such as the Spectroradiometer and the Goniophotometer, which allow us to obtain fundamental data from luminaires and lighting fixtures. We also have equipment for testing Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).


Analyses the distribution of the visible optical spectrum, providing essential information about the equipment.

- Chromatic data: x and y chromaticity coordinates, colour temperature (CCT), peak wavelength, colour rendering index (CRI)

- Photometric data: luminous flux; luminous efficacy;

- Electrical data: current, power, power factor.

- LED optical maintenance test: flux vs time. power vs time.

Our spectroradiometer has two spheres, one for luminaires up to 30 cm and the other for luminaires up to 2,00 metres.


The goniophotometer is a high-precision instrument used to measure the variation in light intensity of a piece of equipment, as well as to generate photometric data files.

Combining the data from the goniophotometer with the spectroradiometer allows us to obtain spectral data.

All Nexled luminaires and light fittings are subject to exhaustive tests and trials in order to obtain all the spectral data.


EMI refers to vulnerability to electromagnetic interference that can cause disturbances in equipment performance. This interference can have environmental causes, such as solar radiation, although the most common cause is electrical systems and other electronic equipment.

EMC refers to the ability of the equipment not to have its operation influenced by the presence of other electronic equipment in the same environment, as well as not interfering with their proper functioning.

These results are the outcome of various tests carried out on the equipment. At Nexled, we have equipment such as the EFT immunity tester, the surge generator and the EMI test receiver.